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Welcome to Successtar Online Book Store.

This is a platform designed to promote sharing of course note, course ware, text books and educative materials among all concern students . The books and other materials had been carefully sorted into the appropriate course category in which they are best suit, so that when you are downloading any material you as well know the course that it is meant for. The web page is divided into three forms, which are the Download page, Upload page, and the Gallery.

The download page are the interface where all your materials can be downloaded from and also where you have access to materials uploaded by others.

 The download page are listed below with links to each destination.


Upload Course Materials

All Course materials are to be uploaded via this page. Please while uploading your course materials, ensure you fill the appropriate box with the right data, and ensure you select the right course and level to be uploaded to. Most file format are accepted except executable files and software files. Please ensure you fill out your correct e-mail address, thats the only route we can use to get back to you. This page is also open to anybody either in Unilorin or not just ensure you are uploading the right material. Once your upload is successful you would receive a notification like this "Your file was uploaded successfully", your file would now be visible on the pending file list in the page you uploaded to.

  • Max 8mb

  • NB : If your file exceed the 8mb maximum file size limit, you can send the file to us as e-mail attachment at
    Thanks for your understanding.

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Successtar and colleagues photo album. The page is designed to show case the faces of successtar peeps and most especially events that took place in school. It is also the spot where you can get to see and know the real chemical engineering students in the house. If you have any other event pictures and you feel it worth sharing, kindly send them to us at fellowchem@gmail.com. Thanks..